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Just like many of you, I’ve often noticed the brightly colored canvas wings floating over the updrafts of the Costa Verde. People dangle underneath them secure in a buckled harness as they glide along on invisible currents. “That looks fun,” my girlfriend has said on more than on occasion. “That looks dangerous,” is my usual…

WALK or Ride

Instead of a silver spoon, it is claimed that Californians are born with car s in their mouths. While I wasn’t born in California, I did grow up there, and the automobile was a big part of my life. Like many of my fellow Californians, I found myself going most places in my car instead…


Kondortech Robotics Team qualifies for Asia Open championship Colegio Roosevelt’s First Lego Robotics team, Kondortech, has qualified to participate in the Asia Open Championship in April 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. The Kondertech Team, which includes High school and Middle school students, qualified after placing third place at the Peru First Lego League National Championship held


The New Year was quickly approaching, and we still had no plans to bring in the New Year. To be honest, I’m not even sure how the idea of traveling to Lunahuaná came up, but due to its proximity to Lima, abundance of different activities, and availability of hotel rooms, we immediately made plans


If you’re at Jorge Chavez International Airport, or near Las Begonias 463 in downtown San Isidro, then stop by La Gran Fruta for some of the best juices, fruit salads, and sandwiches anywhere in Lima. La Gran Fruta began as nothing more than a humble street cart where one could purchase juices in all sorts…


26 years Educating and Working with Centro Ann Sullivan del Perú Since 1981, Dr. Judith LeBlanc (now professor emerita in the Depts. of Behavioral Analysis Sciences and Special Education and Coordinator of International Programs of the Life Span Institute of the University of Kansas) opened her heart and her pocketbook, as well as rearranged her…